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Coach in English
English for Coaches
Digital communication now enables coaches to benefit from international training and networking events, multinational projects and clients worldwide, all without leaving the comfort of their homes!

But perhaps you feel your knowledge of English is insufficient for work purposes. Are you concerned about not understanding or being misunderstood, making mistakes and coming across as a poor professional?

With years of experience partnering with people to use English as their second language in the workplace, along with firsthand knowledge of coaching and facilitation, Fran is uniquely placed to support coaches to act professionally with confidence and competence.

Accelerate your learning by focusing on the professional situations and language you need
Practice and receive feedback in a safe environment
Find motivation, support and networking opportunities with fellow coaches
Study with a diverse range of interesting and professionally relevant materials
Learn relevant specialist vocabulary

English Coaching Mentoring

Fran is a qualified mentor as well as coach and teacher. Work individually with her to practice, gain confidence and receive feedback on your coaching in English.
It’s a simple 3-step process:

1. Either share a recording of your coaching in English or coach a recorded session with Fran as your client.
2. Watch the recording and complete a guided self-evaluation.
3. Have a feedback session with Fran to share your evaluation, hear hers and define the path to further improvement.


Get in touch with Fran by email, phone or video call.

Phone/text message: Whatsapp +55 51 981717036

As a coach, I have a dream: to coach in English. Although it might seem simple it is not, because I must understand the profound meaning of what my client is saying. As luck would have it, I was introduced to Francesca. She brings together two indispensable qualities at a high level: methodology to teach English and knowledge in coaching. She is an English teacher, so she can identify my needs and provide the right environment for me to learn and practice the language. At the same time, she is a professional and experienced coach, which gives her the advantage of knowing exactly what a coaching process is and what I must improve to reach my goal. My classes are like real life! Not to mention that she is a British person who has lived in Brazil for many years, so she knows the cultural differences when it comes to expressions, feelings and other important aspects. I couldn’t be in better hands!

Valeska Scartezini ACC, Coach and Facilitator
Fran has amazing and enthusiastic didactics! She uses several sources to captivate and at the same time deepen learning. We use the Coaching context to learn by doing, in relevant and extremely applied topics. Fran also uses various features and applications that make learning very interesting and continuous. I highly recommend it!

Clenir Schons Streit MCC, supervisor, mentor, coach & founding president ICF RS

Francesca is an excellent professional. She stands out. The work with her has been very relevant, both in terms of professional development and in advances in the language. She has a robust, creative approach and is focused on the objectives to be developed.

Fernanda Oliveira, Coach, Consultant & HR specialist
Working with Francesca these past few months has been a gift! She is very focused on my development, with an approach aligned with positive psychology, Fran has a unique ability to promote a safe environment for learning while at the same time posing challenges that make us grow. It is obvious to see the evolution of my fluency in English, not to mention the growth of my self-confidence in conversations in which I need to express myself in a second language. I really admire Fran and the work she delivers, I highly recommend her!

Carol Souto coach, consultant & former president of ICF RS

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